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Eggless Mango Semolina Rava Cake

I have a bakery dangerously near my home, that many Mumbai folks would know of. An Iyengar bakery. There are many versions of this. New Iyengar, Original Iyengar, Iyengar Returns, Iyengar the Rising, etc etc. I kid I kid.
What they're all the same in, is the heavenly baked goods. This is not a bakery where I need to rob a decent enough bank to pay for one slice of opera cake. No sir. This is the old school bakery, where we still get khari and rusk by weight, cheese straws and jeera toast and their Rava Cake. Now I can't explain the texture and flavour of this rava cake to someone who hasn't had it. It's the definition of tender, lightly sweet, tastes just as good cold as warm, and is good for breakfast, snacks and any meals (I know, I've tried it).
And if one adds mango pulp into this, I give you something that you will finish in entirety for breakfast itself. It's dense, but tender, mildly sweet, bursting with juicy mango flavour with an occasional hit of bla…

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